We are more than happy to perform any service on your car’s CV joints and axles. Our certified mechanics have over 70 years of combined experience and are well-equipped to work on any type of vehicle.

What Are CV Joints and Axles?

CV (constant velocity) joints transfer power from the vehicle’s axles to the wheels. This system is called the drivetrain. It’s a delicate and complicated system that requires a lot of knowledge to service. Since these components ensure that power is evenly transferred to the front and rear wheels, broken CV joints and axles result in a loss of power.

How Do I Know if My CV Joints/Axles Are Broken?

You may experience any of the following problems if your car’s CV joints or axles are broken:

  • Weird humming or clunking noise when you speed up or slow down

  • Clicking noise that occurs when maneuvering around corners

  • Clicking noise when performing a U-turn

  • Significant vibrations in the cab when speeding up

  • Burning smell in the cab

  • Visibly broken, cracked, or damaged CV joints under the vehicle

How Often Should I Get My CV Joint/Axle Service?

Your car’s CV joints/axles are what help your car’s wheels keep turning. If they’re damaged or broken, then you aren’t going to be able to drive anywhere. That’s why we recommend getting them inspected every time you bring your car in for regular maintenance. It’s an easy inspection for our mechanics to do, and if we notice a problem, we can fix it for you right away. 

You can also inspect yourself fairly easily at home. All you need is a flashlight to look under the car. If you notice the CV joint boot is loose or damaged in any way, then you should bring it in for service. We can fix it quickly to make sure you are back on the road and driving safely once again. 

Contact Ray’s OK Service to get your CV joints and axles inspected today!

When you keep your car in top running condition, you will save time and money in the long run. A well-maintained vehicle provides safe travel for you and your family, giving you security and peace of mind.


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